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Module 3: Communicating in iCollege


Announcements enable instructors to post information updates from the course home page. Students will see the latest announcement(s) upon logging in to a given course.

To create an announcement,

  1. Click the Announcements widget title on the course homepage.
  2. Click New Announcement.
  3. Type the Headline and Content for your announcement in the designated boxes. You can use the HTML editor to format the text of your announcement, add links to specific content, etc.
  4. If desired, select a Start Date and an End Date for the announcement.
  5. Click Publish.

To create more personalized announcements that display your students’ names, consider using replace strings.

Student Notifications

In addition to seeing the announcements in iCollege, students may also choose to receive notifications of new and updated announcements via email or text messaging.  

  1. Click the profile picture/name located near the top-right of the screen.
  2. Select Notifications.
    Notifications link
  3. The GSU email address is the default option for sending email notifications. In the Contact Methods section, students can choose a different email address and/or register their mobile number in order to receive text messages.  NOTE: The student’s number is neither accessible to nor shared with any users (instructors, students, system admins, etc.). 
    Contact Methods section
  4. In the Instant Notifications section, students will click the applicable checkbox for the desired notification method(s).
    Instant Notifications section