There are many different ways to organize your content. As a best practice, we recommend you organize your content by topics and not as groups such as PowerPoints, videos, assignments, etc. Organizing your content by topic makes it easier for students to locate information within the course and makes it easier for you (the instructor) to adapt to changes.

When adding modules or topics, you can publish them for immediate view or place them in draft mode. If modules or topics are in draft, they can still be viewed by you, but they cannot be seen by your students.

Your content may include some or all of the following:

  • Text material: Lectures, notes, study guides, etc.
  • Multimedia: images, audio, video, simulations, animations, etc.
  • External Resources: Links to relevant websites, embedded YouTube (or other) videos.

To learn about creating modules view the video below.


Best Practices

  • Organize your content with the student in mind by considering the overall experience you want your students to have when interacting with the course.
  • Group learning activities together with the content they support.