Decided as a class to use singular bibliography rather than bibliographies to categorize the annotated bibliography.

Categories provide an opportunity for us to go in and make it easier to find information pertaining to what we want. To make this even more precise, it is possible to use tags.

Possible tags we can use for Annotated Bibliography: O4W, Old Fourth Ward, Civil Rights, Beltline, Downtown, Gentrification, Race, Homelessness.

Category: Built Environment Description

Tags: Historical, Cultural, Political, BED1-2-3, (Name of the area, i.e.- Krog Street, Krog Street Tunnel, Auburn Avenue, etc.)

Categories we have: Class Notes, SOS, Major Projects

For the projects, we can add them into a category that we see fit, as long as it makes sense and allows someone looking in to get a glimpse of all of the possible relationships.