While walking down Auburn Avenue, there are several immediate things that one might notice. For one, there are beautiful old buildings boarded up, with planks and iron grates across the windows. Besides these structures are businesses in buildings just as old, trying to make a living on this historically rich street. With Auburn Avenue located near Georgia State, it makes sense that new businesses such as Candy Bar would move in, hoping to draw a profit from the area and the young inhabitants. However, while observing the area, I noticed people of many ages, and various types of people, such as Georgia State students and suited up professionals. Auburn Avenue is also easily traversed, providing a straight shot up the road, past dozens of structures and side roads to explore, providing an opportunity to get to know the city even more. The street is full of color, with the hues of red bricks blending with the different paints and colors of the signs giving a sneak peek at what’s behind each door.

20160916_133548One of the other noticeable features of the area is the Atlanta Streetcar, which was implemented in 2014. The Streetcar, which runs in a 2.7-mile circle Atlanta, was built in the hopes of attracting more public transportation passengers, and as a way to relieve some of the strain on Atlanta’s roadways, which are considered to have some of the highest levels of traffic in the U.S.

While walking down the street, I had several different feelings go through me. Some of the areas made me slightly sad because there were these beautiful structures with a great history behind them and yet they were in a state of disrepair. In other areas, sometimes just a matter of a few yards, I was impressed by how the businesses were doing, with people walking in an out, and a constant stream of people walking along the street. When looking at the street as a whole, there are areas that prosper and those that need some help. However, I believe that the historical value of these edifices is very important, so they should work to reinvigorate the area while still maintaining the outward appearance.