Annotated Bibliography 4: The Architecture of Segragation

The Editorial Board. “The Architecture of Segregation.” Editorial. The New York Times. The New York Times, 05 Sept. 2015. Web. 22 Feb. 2016.

This editorial piece by The New York Times talks about the ongoing consequences of segregation and how something as well-intended as the Fair Housing Act of 1968 is actually perpetuating the misfortunes of minorities in the housing market. According to the article the “architecture of segregation” is deeply embedded in things like Department of Housing and Urban Development. An example of this is shown in the form of free housing. Usually, these projects are carried out in areas which are often deemed unfavorable by the community. Therefore, any families moved into the properties are not really moved away from poverty because most of the well-paying jobs and commodities are either out of reach or sub-par in quality. However, the article does acknowledge some of the recent advancements made by the likes of the Supreme Court’s decision to reiterate that any funds allocated towards the Fair Housing Act cannot be used to perpetuate segregation.

I chose this specifically because of the title. It was able to catch my attention and once I read through the piece, I had become aware of a problem which I had previously thought did not exist. The article sheds light on the problems that can exist in these type o programs and backs it up with facts and opinions from credible sources.

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