the histories of our streets

Georgia State University students map Atlanta's past

Author: Taylor Bazzell

Maynard Jackson Jr.: First Black Mayor of Atlanta

Taken by me 4/23/22 along Auburn Ave SE

Maynard Holbrook Jackson Jr. was the first Black mayor to be elected in any major city as well as being one of the first to be elected in a southern city. Born to Maynard Jack sr. and Irene Dobbs on March 23, 1938, Jackson came from a lineage that valued education and political activism. His maternal grandfather, John Wesley Dobbs, was a renowned civil rights leader who paved the way for Black voting in Atlanta by co-founding the Atlanta Negro Voters League. Jackson’s mother, Irene, graduated and taught at Spelman College and led the integration of Atlanta’s public libraries. Jackson grew up surrounded by politically forward-thinking people, especially when it came to Black activism. According to Jessica Ann Levy, “Jackson’s tenure as mayor … represented a shift in the city’s black politics and Atlanta politics more broadly.”

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Hurt Building

Image was taken by me 1

The architecture of the Hurt Building has always caught my eye since I’ve been down here. The marble that makes up the outside of the building, the Roman-inspired columns, and the gold detailing around the doors is in stark contrast to the parking garage and attached restaurants across from it. I always find myself looking at the building whenever I pass by and I wonder why it was built the way it was, especially with the different architecture styles of the buildings surrounding it.

  1. This was taken in front of one of the pillars. I tried to rotate it, but (obviously) it didn’t work
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