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Georgia State University students map Atlanta's past

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Swan House, the Historical Home in Buckhead that is too fancy to be eaten

Swan House Atlanta, GA
Source: Carol M. Highsmith Archive

The Swan House is one of the oldest standing mansions in the city of Atlanta. The home is a marvelous spectacle of 20th-century residential architecture that has yet to be drastically altered since its completion in 1928. It is no surprise to anyone familiar with the Buckhead community to find a mansion on that side of town. However, what sets the Swan House apart from other large homes in Buckhead is the architecture by Philip Trammell Shutze and the family that it housed. The Swan House is a symbol of Atlanta’s historically wealthy Inman family, whose influence can be seen throughout the city of Atlanta. Multiple generations of the Inman family had used their wealth to contribute to Atlanta’s public parks, historical research, and arts. 

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Chattahoochee River

This image was taken from the Chattahoochee River Wikipedia page
This image was taken from

One of my favorite places in the city is the Chattahoochee River which passes the suburban areas in the northern regions of the city. Though most of the Chattahoochee runs down Georgia’s western border with Alabama, a small section can be found near Cumberland. This part of the Chattahoochee river became somewhat famous for hosting a raft race throughout the 70s and 80s. On Memorial Day weekend, there are still hundreds of people that come to this part of town to “shoot the hooch.” For the past year, I spent a large portion of my time in this part of Atlanta enjoying activities like kayaking, grilling, and attending a few Braves games at Truist Park. I took this selfie at a coffee shop called Chattahoochee coffee company. It is a relatively small coffee shop that is not too well-known, but they make an excellent latte.

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