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Georgia State University students map Atlanta's past

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The History of MARTA and How it Economically Impacts Metropolitan Atlanta

MARTA History   

MARTA, an acronym for Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, has created a powerful influence on Atlanta’s history and its economics. To see how MARTA got to serve nearly 400,000 passengers a day and became the eighth-largest transit system in the United States (Georgia Encyclopedia), we must travel back to the early 1960s, where it all began. 

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Family time @ Ria’s Bluebird

Ria’s Bluebird is one of my favorite places because my family has made many memories there. My dad has always been a foodie, and in 2016, he saw how this breakfast spot was on the Food Network for being one of the best restaurants in Atlanta. So, of course, we made a family trip to Ria’s, and it was one of the best times with my family. This little place sits less than 30 people served by passionate employees —sitting in the tiny corner booth with my two sisters and parents, eating while talking over each other, made for an atmosphere of love. The food was also delicious, and ever since then, my family has made it a mission to take a trip to Ria’s whenever we are all in town.

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