The area of Summerhill between Capitol Avenue and Woodward Avenue was mostly residential homes and apartments. However, one building that stands out is the Jewish Educational Alliance that was built in 1911. This building was meant to serve the community and a place where everyone could gather. Most of the residents in the area were Jewish, so they could go to services on Sunday and also bring their kids to kindergarten there as well. The facility also had a gymnasium (presumably for the daycare/kindergarten) and an on-site health facility that would also serve residents.

As shown in the map, the Alliance was built around multiple residential units and was a big enough plot of land to hold a clinic and gym. The center was essentially a focal point for the whole block of this Summerhill area. From the map, we can tell that many buildings in the area were residential and that didn’t change until the highway excavation. Because of that, it totally destroyed the community, and the current land is now the Georgia Supreme Court and apartment buildings.