Me inside of The Hub

Within the Peachtree Center District in downtown Atlanta, many working Atlantans throughout the area visit a small, partially underground food court known as the Hub at Peachtree Center, which offers a variety of restaurant and retail services as well as other amenities. This frequently visited food court is located between Peachtree Street and Peachtree Center Avenue, easily accessible from the nearby MARTA station. The Hub is surrounded by several office buildings with pedestrian walkways that connect directly to the food court, providing businesses with convenient access to the numerous available services offered.

The Hub was designed by architect John C. Portman, who also designed many of the adjacent office buildings and hotels along with most of the high rises in the Peachtree Center District, contributing greatly to the transformation in Atlanta’s skyline in the 1960s. Due to challenges in its aging infrastructure, the mall underwent several renovations over the last three decades, with the goal of reinstituting the outdated food court to a central gathering location for the millions of annual visitors staying in surrounding hotels.

This site is particularly interesting to me because I often walk here to eat lunch before my next class, and it has become a regular location in my daily schedule. Also, a scene from one of my favorite movies, Baby Driver, was filmed here in 2017, in addition to various parts of the GSU campus as well as other areas in downtown.