This arch doesn’t have an exact address, but it is located through the narrow path that connects Peachtree St. NW. Woodruff Park stands east of it, Flatiron City building directly north, and a Moe’s Southwest Grill lies directly south. GSU students often pass this structure on the way to Aderhold Building. I glimpsed on one bottom side of the arch as I passed by and read Chick-Fil-A twice and small print which look like what would be list of names. I noticed this structure because of the colorful flowers attached, which looks like it has been on there since recently because the latest up-to-date street view was in September 2023.

Selfie at the arch with flowers
Slightly blurry selfie walking pass the arch.

I think the flowers on the arch are a cute touch. Most places in downtown are gray, bland, and boring. In my opinion, there should be more colors in the downtown landscape, the concrete gray can be so depressing. The pop of color and nature brings a little life as go on about our day. I do very much appreciate the little details in things like this that is a vibrant contrast to the concrete jungles in the downtown landscape.