Grady Memorial was founded in 1890. It first opened in 1892 in a small building that still stands today. It was named after Henry W. Grady. The hospital started with fourteen rooms and expanded over the years. The hospital had several locations, including Georgia Hall, Butler Hall, and Hirsch Hall. At one point, the hospital was segregated and divided areas by gender. Today, Grady Memorial Hospital is considered one of the largest hospitals in Atlanta.

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The Grady Memorial is located at 80 Jesse Hill Jr Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30303. This is the biggest hospital visible in the Atlanta area. Many people go there for checkups and services. I was born in this hospital (Grady Baby). I know many people who were born here including my siblings, cousins, and friends. As a kid, I would always come to this hospital for check-ups and afterward would walk around the city with my mother. During my high school years, I would sometimes walk from my school passing the hospital to reach the Georgia State Marta Station. The Marta Station is nearby so there is easy access to transportation. I took my selfie from the upper level of the GSU parking lot , which displays me and the hospital in the background. The thing that amazes me is how big this hospital is getting. Many new facilities are being built around the hospital and expanding. I have so many sweet memories as a child of this place and hope that this hospital continues to give services to the city of Atlanta.