Flame of Freedom
Me in front of the Flame of Freedom

The Flame of Freedom stands at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr Drive SE and Piedmont Ave SW. It was presented and raised by the American Legion on March 15, 1969. It is dedicated to all the service members who served in the U.S. military. I used to pass this monument a lot when I would walk to campus. I think it is a nice way to commemorate those who served and thank those currently serving.

The Flame of Freedom is a part of the bigger Pete Wheeler Georgia War Veterans Memorial. It was dedicated in 1998. Pete Wheeler is a World War II veteran and long time commissioner for the Georgia Department of Veterans Affairs. It has plaques with the names of all the Georgia veterans who lost their lives in all the wars the U.S. has been involved in from the Revolutionary War to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Vietnam War Veterans
Vietnam War Veterans Memorial

It is a Blue Star Memorial which are memorials dedicated to the Armed Forces. The blue star was chosen because it was an icon during World War II. The blue star was used on flags and banners in homes of families who had sons or daughters away at war. These markers can be found nationwide on memorials and highways.