Author in front of the Muse's sign
Me in front of the Muse’s sign

This is the street level sign for Muse’s. I like how the font is stylized, even though it makes it nearly impossible to read. I used to overlook this building, but it comes up a lot in the history of Atlanta. Muse’s used to be a major high-end clothing store. It was known for its designer brands, upper class clientele, and unmatched customer service. Today, it has become lofts. My attention was drawn to it because it came up in an apartment search, and I was confused as to how I had missed an entire apartment building downtown.

I got curious, so I went to go look. Sure enough, there was an entrance to The Lofts at Muses. The original Muse’s Clothing Co. engraving is still legible a couple stories above the Lofts entrance. Downtown Atlanta is so dense with buildings that it is all too easy to miss intricate details like these. I have gained a newfound appreciation for the history stored in Atlanta’s architecture.

Atlanta’s downtown buildings have rich histories–if you are willing to learn! Judging from the sign, I would have never guessed it was a fancy department store. The street level has a busted up ATM, and I never hear much about the lofts, but Muse’s was grandstanding in its heyday.