My favorite place is by far the Red Light Café in Midtown Atlanta’s Amsterdam Walk. It’s a listening room for Americana, Bluegrass, Blues, Jazz, and Rock as well as a comedy and burlesque venue. The building itself is super small, providing a very intimate experience where you feel up close and personal with the musicians/performers. It also has a small food menu and bar for patrons.

Pre-COVID photo of me at the Café

I was introduced to this place in the jazz history course I took a few years ago; we were required to watch live jazz shows and do a write up on the stylization and performers. Every Wednesday night, the Gordon Vernick Quartet performs along with any musicians in the audience that wish to join; Dr. Vernick also happens to be an Associate Professor of Music and Coordinator of Jazz Studies at Georgia State University (and the author of the textbook we were using). It truly is a wonderful experience to watch his group perform as he is highly interactive with the audience in between songs.

If you enjoy live music and performances, I highly recommend going to check out Red Light Café!