We Carry the Dreams mural by Yehimi Cambron

Many students walk by this beautiful mural every day without knowing the important history behind it, one of those students used to be me. Painted by artist Yehimi Cambrón in November 2018, the mural depicts a part of Atlanta’s story in immigration and social justice. The mural is located on Piedmont Ave SW right across from the MARTA station and adjacent to the Georgia Capitol building. The location of the mural has a very symbolic meaning to Cambrón because of Georgia’s policy on undocumented students. Up until 2018, Georgia State University and other public universities in Georgia turned away undocumented students in order with state policy. Cambrón was one of the victims of this policy and was turned away from GSU and the Georgia capitol when she was denied accepting a high school art prize she won because at the time she lacked a social security number. The mural showcases the faces of five undocumented people who inspired Cambrón who range from a high school student to a local entrepreneur. The American Flag is seen in the background along with a Monarch butterfly on each person’s shoulder which represents, “…a symbol that immigration activists have identified with for a long time because of its journey that it makes from Mexico to Canada across borders” (Cambrón, 20).

Sources: Muralist Yehimi Cambrón speaks of immigration reform and social justice – The Signal (georgiastatesignal.com)