Wizardry in the 8th Grade

Picture of a middle school
My Middle School

In the library of Trickum Middle School in my 8th grade year is when i first started to read the Harry Potter Novels. I felt a certain gravitation towards the novels as I had moved that summer and felt out of place among my peers at school just as Harry did as a wizard in his home. The shelves of the library were not that high and at the beginning of the school year I was not that tall so the top of the shelves were a bit above me. I had heard nothing but good about the series and was very interested in reading it. I didn’t go to the library often but I knew enough about how to navigate it and immediately find what I was looking for. After all these years I cannot remember how the first book started, but I do remember immediately being hooked. Throughout the rest of the school year I continued to enjoy the next 6 books. I entered my own little world when i picked up those books. I lived without worries for the hours I spent journeying through the wizarding world. I lived a life without school, homework, or whatever meaningless middle school drama existed. All I knew was the problems and joys faced by the characters.



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