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Welcome to The Silicon Road.

This is an internet archive for several oral histories recorded in order to showcase the experiences of individuals who experienced the birth of an industry that would go onto alter the very way most people live their lives.

At the top of the page you can explore each of these oral histories individually through audio recordings or through written transcriptions of the audio in said recordings.

Additionally, the secondary goal of this site is to provide educational resources for educators and public historians alike. These resources consist of abridged transcriptions that are accompanied by photos, appropriate links, and primary source documents as references for topics discussed in each of the interviews. All of these resources are under an unofficial creative commons license given to viewers by the creator, myself, to be utilized in purely educational manners; all I ask for is a mention to this site as the source of such content, so that other educators or researchers like yourselves may access these resources.

With that said feel free to explore all of what this site offers and I look forward to seeing these resources and oral histories being part of incredible projects as time moves on.


Harrison Clark