Is it crazy to think a sales class will help you reach your life and career goals?

You may hear the word “sales” and think “Sales is gross and isn’t for me. It’s all creepy used cars. working on commission, and selling junk to your friends” Well, you’re partly right. There are some lousy jobs in any field and you’re smart to think bigger. 

But what if there’s a great side of sales you haven’t seen? What if you found basic sales skills are the ticket to your dream job, even if you never work a day in a sales role? What if you knew more than 6 in 10 college business grads get their first job in sales and use it as a career launchpad? What if you found sales jobs often come with a generous salary, the potential to make six figures or more, and tools you can use to start or lead your own business? 

If this sounds interesting, click the link below and check out the video to see how a GSU sales class can be rocket fuel for your future

How can MK4330 Principles of Professional Selling help me?

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