2023 marks the 50th, golden anniversary of Hip-Hop culture. When the culture initially began many were adamant that the culture, often categorized as nihilistic and misogynistic, would not last long and would simply be a phase.  Now five decades later and Hip-Hop culture shows no signs of dissipating.  In fact, more and more scholars, activists, politicians, business owners, and leaders are aware of the importance of the culture and the power that Hip-Hop culture can assert.  Specifically, in 2021, through a Simple Resolution, Resolution 331 declared November as Hip-Hop history month, August 11, 2021 as Hip-Hop Celebration Day and August as Hip-Hop Recognition Month. Indeed, we have observed signs of growth that denote the culture as a global phenomenon, reaching past the borders of America, past Black and Brown communities as a cultural phenomenon that is embraced AND utilized throughout the world! This year to commemorate Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary we are hosting a two-day conference.

Held during the congressionally recognized Hip-Hop history month, this conference will take place in Atlanta, GA on November 6- 7, 2023.   The goal of this conference is to celebrate, acknowledge and promote the importance of Hip-Hop culture in our lives and society. Specifically for this conference we are interested in highlighting questions around Hip-Hop culture’s inclusion in different regions, southern women emcees and Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop’s future including the role of AI, the continued global expansion of the genre, and numerous other topics. 

This conference is especially beneficial and relevant in Georgia as Atlanta is now deemed the “Hip-Hop Mecca.”