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Technology and Global Health: What Has it Done?

November 17, 2020 · No Comments · Technology, Uncategorized


Technology and Global Health : What has it done?

GLOBAL health is ever changing, the times , people , the movements and ideas  are all submerging under one roof, “HOW TO DO IT QUICK?”

The time it takes for one person to heal requires equal opportunity. Some people like to enjoy the benefits of their home without reaching there neck out into a greater pool. Technology CERTAINLY has it benefits but it also has wasted up the sciences of the Natural World. We have to be careful not cross the Old world with the New.

“Core medical equipment refers to technologies that are commonly considered as important or necessary for specific preventive, diagnostic, treatment or rehabilitation procedures carried out in most health care facilities. WHO has been working, along with experts, collaborating centers and Member States, to develop several tools for better resource allocation, selection, incorporation and safe use.”


This can be helpful in countries that have already de-voided themselves of nature; such as countries which have already adapted guidelines for preventive health, and ushered in Western Medicine and technology.  However we should be VERY careful before entering places where tribes, aboriginals, or even natives to a region exist and live under Natural Law. These technologies can CAUSE MORE Damage and Distress.


The story goes that the Spanish conquered there minds then decided to conquer anothers, (Christopher Columbus and the  Seven Seas)

The gift they gave was different , but they still offered something positively and the Natives banished there careful.






Technology and Stolen Land


The Native American Legend of Water TEACHES US HOW PRECIOUS LIFE IS

Water can calm the flame, but we can’t fully accept it like the fire does it. We put it on our shelves, store it, and spread it to each other. But let  us question how we drink  to sustain, and  how to better collect technologies for better living to sustain better balance and harmony with the world, the animals, the trees and nature as a whole. I believe if this happens then the natural balance of the Earth and the individuals health will return.

     Native Americans have been pouring there spiritual value into the  importance of giving up the greater technology to better understand the deeper meaning of there health . The push to advance global technologies into first nations, and indigenous cultures will destroy this value; the intrinsic simple way, and put pressure on matters of their heart, health, and safety. You can live long with a broken tooth, but you cant live very long from a broken heart.

We should think very seriously before giving another technology  or spreading it to a developing nation ; they may not be ready, The very weapons used to  protect life have been used to destroy it


IT IS BETTER TO GROW the tools we can use to strive to serve our environment  naturally. Then the viruses may see we are working positively, are immune systems may change , nature, the earth and its movements will may even grow!  Thinking positively in nature can do wonders !

Agriculture , Farming, Plowing, Herding, Gardening,




How has Television impacted our food?

How has food affected the balance of our daily energy?

How many people are eating what they watch instead of watching what they eat?


Sedentary Behavior of TV Viewing, and Exposure to Extensive Marketing Causes Diabetes, and Energy Imbalance.

The mind, specifically the childhood mind is sensitive. The child has a brain, keep it good, not drowned in mental stimulation. Childhood obesity is a reaction to fix the excess firing of inter-neurons to calm and relax the nerves through food.

Exposure to high-energy food advertisements, unhealthy eating habits, and less sleep duration.”

“This has been a serious public health problem in both developing and developed countries . In China, 19.4% of children were obese or overweight by the year 2014, and the rate is predicted to increase to 28% by the year 2030. Obese children are more likely to develop into obese adults , who are more likely to have chronic diseases which could increase the mortality in adulthood .The fundamental cause of overweight and obesity is an energy imbalance between calories expended and calories consumed. Furthermore,  the effects of TV viewing on childhood overweight/ obese status was considered possibly mediated by unhealthy behaviors related to TV viewing, Exposure to high-energy food advertisements, unhealthy eating habits, and less sleep duration.”

People’s cognitive capabilities are  challenged in multiple ways, including their capacity for analytical thinking, memory, focus, creativity, reflection and 

“A number of Survey respondents said people’s cognitive capabilities seem to be undergoing changes detrimental to human performance.

These deficits are found most commonly among those who live a highly digital life, and are being attributed to constant connectivity online.

According to Meg Mott, a professor of politics at Marlboro College,


In Conclusion

Technology can help those suffering and looking for ways to understand the modern world. However those who are comfortable with Nature, and there beliefs may fear the push of technology into there societies. Developing  countries which are pushing the envelope for better tools , while looking to MIMIC developed resourced nations will need technology to continue , global health has amassed a large part of its umbrella under technological advancement especially for Medical devices, which provide preventive care, such as EKGS, Pacemakers, and etc.. now during Covid.

However technology through the use of providing TV, and Monitors, Can do more harm then good for the general global health of the world ( Obesity, diabetes and over consumption, mental dilution).

 “The devices make it very easy to find answers elsewhere that students forget to ask deep questions for themselves. This lack of uninterrupted introspection creates a very human problem: the anxiety of not knowing oneself. The more the culture equates knowledge with data and social life with social media, the less time is spent on the path of wisdom, a path that always requires a good quotient of self-awareness”  We currently live in a culture that fosters attention-deficit disorder because of hyper connectivity.


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