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BLM Movement as a Global Health Issue

October 20, 2020 · No Comments · BLM, Uncategorized

Recent trends, have shown that love and prosperity  have agreed. People are starting to love again; Take a look!

Black people; white people are all coming together We are putting our hands and heart together to ask ”Why is this “?  “Who Is this?.” Politics , violence , and agendas have angered us; all of our races; it has damaged the system; especially our hearts! 

  • The assignment here in our world is to make things easy, but it is too easy to get corrupt .

With the recent trends of nationwide debate and protests over systemic racism and police violence, of course the U.S. has taken center stage! 

We have a melting pot that hasn’t been stirred; there’s white who are one one side ; blacks who are on another; and the Native Americans asking “who are we?” .  We are not judges..NONE can think less of none .But still ,All across the country we are having the strangest conversations with one another while avoiding the deeper ones;  we need to have; diversity, human representation and economic inclusion.  But how can we do these things if we  we never develop  the feelings involved?.We positively say our point; but with no heart and anger.


But what is the world hearing, and how are other countries making their voices heard in this debate? 

France I know had recently spoken on Black inclusion in their country; Hispanics are also pushing the young not to trust anyone with information. If the world is trying to understand how to include difference we shouldn’t preach. The message should comes from our actions, our simple spaces. We got to chill our hearts and minds; that will fix our EYES  judging ;  what I mean is Behavior is meaningless if we don’t think less ; we got to see kindly in order to do that. The more we are in our heads the more we pull out conflicts.


What does BLM mean for public health and global health? Think about the influence of discrimination and racism on health more broadly?


  • “The Black Lives Matter movement has been an important enlightener to the pervasive problem of police and other forms of violence against the Black community. But the movement’s success also shows us the importance of decentralizing power, listening to, and taking seriously the expertise and needs of those most affected by a problem—rather than imposing”


  • According to the article “Shifting power from distant, donor-country elites to local aid recipients will lead to stronger global health systems” 



  • They claim Global Health organizations have been “backending” different colleges; by creating unequal powers structures through offering them short contracts for two-years ; but I say when do contracts ever HAVEN’T shorted us? Why? They tie a limits on our leases,


  • I will offer a better opinion in relating this movement (discrimination effecting Global health agencies) ; a lot of people have issues hiring black people; so they leave the blunt work or the work with communication ; but the work of engaging and positive thinking higher skills; they leave to other races; whites; is this correct? I offer; it’s only wrong when you never share what you know ; especially if someone asks.

 I have learned through experience that granting someone else knowledge/skills/opportunities when requested by another can can heal there fears, and injustices; not just  provide them a  job alone.

Let’s have more opportunities in Global health work open for the Races that want to raise themselves. Our feet out hot ; but our minds are cold.  We have to open up because some people will never if they never see a door . Let’s  concentrate on the art of giving; and sharing; the language of Love Divine; then we can see how it works here on this planet. 

  •  Question;  is a doctor judged by the coat he where’s or his skin: 
  • We tend to find the right doctors based on who we are; our mirrors.


Think about the health disparities? Those which arisen because of the discrimination and inequity. How can we address these health disparities? 

  • The concentration of poverty inequality can lead to stress and hardship as well as other chronic and acute stressors at the individual level.
  • “The institutional neglect and disinvestment in poor, segregated communities contributes to increased exposure to environmental toxins, poor quality housing and criminal victimization.”

         What do health disparities mean for the African diaspora across other parts of the world? What about intersectionality, particularly for women of color? May these issues be related to the high infant mortality rate in our state of Georgia?


  • For members of the African Diaspora, aka “heat adapted peopleEcological adaptations to tropical climate have been shaped the genetic structure 
  • “Local temperature-induced adaptive genetic changes may be one mechanism involved in hypertension and differences in salt sensitivity in them .”


What this means for diaspora, across parts of the worlds is that the have greater risk of hypertension and other diseases due to exposures of interaction to the modern world. (I.E.)They have not adapted well yet




These Genetic differences defiantly can effect Women Of Color especially through ancestor lineage. 

  • African American women have 2.3 times the infant mortality rate as non-Hispanic whites.
  • African American infants are 3.8 times as likely to die from complications related to low birth weight as compared to non-Hispanic white infants.

Yes I beleive these issues are , because the (average), infant mortality rate (per 1,000 live births) in Georgia was highest for Black infants (11.7)




  • Black Lives ,are effected in all fields, both economically,systemically, physically(health) . As discussed with what “BLM” means for the global health  and public health fields, Global health agencies have to speak up more for better funding ,better treatment, and better equality. As far as how it effects our health specifically, we should invitee more doctors of color into our health sector, and personalized treatments. 
  • African Diaspora are all trying to fit in this melting pot because they have been displaced culturally, and ancestrally, these displacements as discussed effect there health, life and well being. It all parallels directly with the same things that African Americans are facing today, (I.e hypertension, high salt intake/the topics discussed above) .  All of these ultimately effect women of color,  because they are largely marrying black men. 


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