Where do we go from here?

La Perla was tough to visit. However, I am thankful for the experience. Going on this trip gave me an idea of atrocities that Argentine’s faced in the late 70s. This is a subject that is not taught in American History. Honestly, this study abroad was the first time it was introduced to me. 

Argentina has a long way to reconciliation. However, I believe a good first step is acknowledging the trauma. This picture is clay like art pieces little children made to symbolize what human rights means to them. I think this simple activity is beneficial for future generations because they get to think about history -their history. Even my case, world history.

The Argentine government has a deplorable habit of covering their past which I am thankful other civilians fight against. Human rights violations happened and they are still happening. It is a monumental disservice to victims and survivors when the topic is “swept under the rug”. Although, Argentina is stagnant about their next path is is crucial to inform the younger generation. 

There are various routes we can go from here but it all begins with a conversation. 


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