Je Suit: An Ancient Human Rights Violator

The Jesuit founded sometime in the 15th century are a crucial part of Argentina’s history. The order is credited with creating Argentina’s first university in Cordoba and bringing Catholicism to Argentina.

One aspect of Jesuit history is unfavorably overlooked. The Jesuits housed an outrageous number of slaves in the yard above. According to the tour guide, the slaves to Jesuit ratio was 100:1 and there were 2 Jesuits in the building above. It is salient this means that 200 slaves were kept in the compound doing odd jobs like cleaning chamber pots and the restrooms. Slaves were also tasked with cooking and making iron tools in a smaller building behind this one. People of African-American decent had the worst jobs because it was thought they didn’t bare a soul. During those times, dark skin was associated with no soul. I am thankful and disgusted for knowing the real history of the Jesuits.


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