The Corridor of D2

During our time in Córdoba, we visited a memorial site called D2. One part of the exhibit that really stood out to me was this here hallway. When first looking at this picture, you would think that it is just a regular hallway anyone would just walk through at any time. This isn’t the case at all. This hallway is where hundreds of people were tortured and abused. 

This hallway is where dozens of people, just like anyone, would be held at a time where they would just suffer. There was a long bench on either side of the hallway where around 25 people would squeeze together for days, and in some cases, even months, at a time! The police abused the people here by hitting them, not feeding them appropriately, not letting them bathe appropriately, and just making them constantly stay in the tiny corridor. Fernando, our guide and survivor during this time, explained to us his experience in D2. He would tell us about what it is like to be constantly blindfolded and abused, walking over dead bodies, and the constant torture that was put on him by the police. I simply just could not imagine what it was like to go through what these people went through. 

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