Beautiful Irony in La Perla


Driving up to La Perla, the most striking thing was the absolute beauty in the landscape. It was lush and green with mountains and trees on all sides. It makes sense to set up a detention center here. It was so far away from the next town that few would hear the screams of the people being tortured. Few would smell the death in the air or watched the murdered souls dancing in the courtyard. That was mostly for the victims and torturers to take in.

Looking out from La Perla, the incredible landscape was all you could see. Until you look closer and see the watchtowers. The beautiful land is dotted with remnants of horror that casts an eerie light on it. 

The scary thing about Argentina’s history of state terror was that it was so normal. The terror seemed so natural for the government that many of the people who committed the genocide did not and still do not find any fault in their actions. Having watched the documentary, Interrogating a Torturer, many of the people who spent their days causing pain to their prisoners did find their actors morally reprehensible. The torturer in that film even went as far as denying his victim’s experience when the victim confronted him with it. The people in charge of the kidnapping, torture, and murder of many Argentine people were so indoctrinated by their cause that they saw their actions as justified.

Feeling the suffering amid the beautiful landscape of La Perla painted the land with a much darker tint. The land had as much beauty as it did suffering. 

The Thunderbird is thought of as the bearer of unlimited happiness. As horrible as the camp was, the suffering of many has been put to rest. So may the Thunderbird in La Perla watch over the souls that suffered on this beautiful land and grant all the visitors with kind hearts infinite happiness.

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