Madres de Plaza de Mayo

When touring Cordoba and seeing all the street art, we came across this series of murals of a woman with her eyes covered and then another older woman taking off her blindfold and converting it into a headband like the Madres of Plaza de Mayo. Reading about their group in Nunca Mas was very touching, but actually seeing the murals depicting this lovely interpretation was very shocking and moving. To be a mother at this time of uncertainty searching for their kids when they knew they were not likely to get an answer and possibly be persecuted was brave and biggest act of love these women could give to their children. They were not going to forget them or let anyone else sweep their existence under the rug. They were willing to fight for their kids’ lives with their own alongside other mothers that would not be silenced despite the wide state terror going on. Sadly, some of these women were also disappeared but the movement didn’t stop with them. The Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo also fought to find their grandkids wrongfully stolen from them at birth by using all sorts of methods including a central bank of DNA that people can go to and test themselves if they suspect to be a disappeared child. Thanks to these combined efforts some 150-ish children have been found and that’s a small but important dent in the 500 or so babied disappeared. When looking at this mural it reminded me that although many continue to be disappeared, through these women’s determination and hard work those who are lost can still be found. It’s hard to stay hopeful when so much injustice was committed and not tried, but for those mothers and grandmothers that hope has fueled them and helped them find their grandkids or those of their friends in their community fighting the same fight.

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