Don’t Cry for Me Argentina…or Córdoba?

Although the movie Evita was good, I did not know what to expect when I came to Córdoba, Argentina. From the picture, the city is a beautiful place, with a traditional Latin American feel: shops at every corner, multiple markets to pick up your favorite goods, and people in the streets who are selling their crafts through art, music, and goods. The city has its own style that fits the citizens here. However, Córdoba has its own history that makes the city what it is today. According to Nunca Màs, from 1976-1979, more than 12,000 Argentine citizens disappeared, were tortured, or killed.

Many were sent to secret detention centers. D2 being one of them located in Córdoba. What I founded very eerie was that on the first day in Argentina, the group was gleefully eating lunch…across from an old detention center. History has past, so maybe it was not as eerie as it seems. But during the dictatorship, people were eating and walking past D2 when it was active. At the time, the government would send activists or associates of activists to these detention centers. The conditions were horrid. Rooms were assigned for torture until eventually torture was done in any area of the detention center. People were blindfolded for most of time. They were confused and they were hopeless. It’s interesting to think that the beautiful picture above contains some of the darkest memories. History has a way to cover its wounds, but the scar will always remain there to remind us that humans always have fought for something. In Córdoba, Argentina, it was for los derechos humanos para gente.

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