Consistent and Opposing Graffiti



According to a political science lecture in Argentina, Evita, JP’s wife, adhered to the concerns of Argentina’s people by personally collecting and answering their concerns, while Perón headed a National Labor Union to protect or establish worker’s rights (May 19, 2014). Therefore, I considered Juan Perón  a political leader that genuinely cared for the social and economic welfare of Argentine people. Before 5/19, I would have thought these two graffiti artists were different people because Perón was innocent of the disagreements between the right and left wing groups.  Now my views of this previous president of Argentina are changing, and I believe these graffiti artists to be one in the same. Nonetheless, Dworkin paints Perón’s background as “immediately sided with the right” and preparing “the way for the terror described in Nunca Mἁs” (1986). Undoubtedly, both groups are still expressing their opinions; past and present. DH.

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