GMATYC membership renewal

Hello GMATYC community,

We received inquiries as to whether the dues can be sent electronically using service such as Zelle. Unfortunately our GMATYC account can not receive money electronically without incurring a fee to the senders. Another option could be that you send the dues to the Treasurer through Zelle, and she will deposit it to our GMATYC account. Please contact Dr. Hong Du,, if you are interested in this option.

If you are a GMATYC lifetime member, thank you for your lifetime support to GMATYC!

2021 Membership Form

Free Access to myAMATYC for everyone!

If you are currently an AMATYC Member, have been a member in the past, or have attended an AMATYC Conference in the past without becoming a member, we’d like to invite you to check out myAMATYC, our new Online Community and collaboration platform. It’s easy! Just go to and click on the blue “Sign In” button in the top right corner. If you need assistance in retrieving your username or verifying AMATYC membership, please contact the AMATYC office by email at

If you are entirely new to AMATYC, we would like to invite you to check out myAMATYC for free through the end of this year. Just click here to create a profile and sign in as a ‘Friend of AMATYC.’ There is no cost to become a Friend of AMATYC. We hope that you will explore all of the resources within myAMATYC and consider AMATYC membership in the future. But even if you don’t, there are some advantages to becoming a Friend of AMATYC even after your free access to myAMATYC expires at the end of the year, such as being able to log-in to register for AMATYC’s free webinars throughout the year.

The only thing we ask is that everyone who signs-up for myAMATYC is open to being an active participant in our discussions. The September Spotlight on IMPACT in myAMATYC is focused on co-requisites, and the October Spotlight will be focused on Pathways. However, you can also go back to look at our archives, such as the July Spotlight on Equity.

We genuinely hope that, whether you are a current member or newly joining us as a Friend of AMATYC, you will find myAMATYC to be a valuable resource in helping you open new doors through mathematics.

Membership Updates

At the February 2019 GMATYC meeting, a motion to increase the membership cost from $10 to $15 was passed. Additionally, the student membership option was removed and an adjunct faculty option was added. The current costs for membership in GMATYC as of January 2020 are:

Full time faculty membership: $15

Adjunct faculty membership: $5

You can find the membership form here: GMATYC Membership Form

AMATYC Student Scholarship

Do you know of a student who is majoring in mathematics at your institution?  AMATYC will award one college student a $1,000 scholarship (Wanda Garner Presidential Student Scholarship) from a random drawing of the nominations submitted by the affiliates. Below are the criteria:

  1. Each affiliate may submit one nomination from a student attending a qualifying institution. To be a qualifying institution, the institution must employ at least one member in good standing of AMATYC.
  2. The student must be nominated by an AMATYC member who is an employee of the qualifying institution.
  3. The student must have an overall GPA of at least 3.0.
  4. The nominated students must be majoring in mathematics and enrolled full-time at the nominating institution during the spring semester preceding the Annual AMATYC conference when the award will be announced.

Please send your nominations to Behnaz Rouhani before, Friday, October 11.

GMATYC updates

Thank you for your valuable input about the two proposals I shared with you in my email of February 19. Let’s stay proactive so that we can take GMATYC to another level!   

Below are the modified proposals approved by the GMATYC executive board:

  1. Request the PC Conference Committee to schedule the GMATYC meeting right after lunch.
  2. Raise individual membership to $15.
  3. Offer free membership to adjuncts for the first year. For adjuncts to become GMATYC member, they must fill out the application and email it to the treasurer.
  4. Instead of 1-year student membership in GMATYC, we have 1-year adjunct faculty membership in GMATYC ($5).

In addition, our Mathematics division at Perimeter College has covered registration for adjunct instructors for the PC conference. This year I only saw one adjunct from online. Maybe we need to publicize it more, and get our adjuncts involved with the work of the conference and ask them to submit a proposal to present. We have wonderful adjuncts who work very hard and use innovative teaching tools in their classrooms.

Message from the President

The AMATYC Conference in Orlando has not begun yet, but plans are underway for the Milwaukee Conference scheduled for November 14-17, 2019. Please plan to share your expertise, research, or great ideas by submitting a proposal, whether for 25-minute mini session, 50-minute sessions, two-hour workshop, Chat & Chew table talks, or posters. Proposals will be accepted online beginning November 1, 2018 through February 1, 2019. 

Hope you take advantage of this great opportunity to share and network with colleagues from around the country and at times the world. Attending the AMATYC conference is promised to be engaging and enjoyable for anyone who teaches math