2022 Nominee Information

Nominees for Secretary:

– Dr. Anthonia Ekwuocha –

Dr. Anthonia Ekwuocha joined Georgia State University Perimeter College as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics in Fall 2021. She has thirty years of mathematics teaching experience including eight years at the secondary school level and twenty -two years at college level. She has taught several mathematics courses and served in different committees before joining GSU. She was coordinator for several mathematics courses, co-chair for course redesign, and textbook transformation grant recipient in her previous institution.

Nominees for Treasurer:

– Dr. Hong Du –

Dr. Hong Du is an Assistant Professor in the department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering at Perimeter College since 2017. Before she joined Perimeter College, she worked as an assistant professor at McNeese University for 4 years and visiting professor for 1 year at Ithaca College.

Dr. Du completed her Ph.D. at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and M.S. at Marquette University. Her research interests lie in the area of analysis of functional data. Throughout her 8 years of teaching career, she taught wide range of collegiate level courses through her teaching career, including quantitative reasoning, algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus and statistics.

Dr. Du has served on various committees

  • Chair of PC Annual Math Conference Planning Committee
  • Member of Math1401 Statistics Committee and Alpharetta Campus Rep
  • Member of Perimeter Digital Pedagogy Network
  • Member of G2C Pilot Committee
  • GMATYC Affiliate Delegate
  • Member of the Student Appeal Committee
  • Member of the Faculty Search Committee
  • Member of AMATYC Statistics Committee
  • Member of AMATYC Placement and Assessment Committee
  • Member of Spring 2019 Scholarship Selection Committee

Nominees for Nominating Committee (two positions open):

– Nikita D. Patterson, Ph.D.  –

Nikita D. Patterson has been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Georgia State University – Perimeter College, since the fall of 2017. Dr. Patterson received her doctorate in Mathematics Education from North Carolina State University. As a WISE scholar in the dual degree engineering program, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Spelman College, and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.  She also has a Master’s in Mathematics Education from Clark Atlanta University.

Dr. Patterson is the 2020-2022 President of the Georgia Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (GMATYC), the 2022 Chair for the 35th Annual Perimeter College Mathematics Conference, Secretary of the Faculty Association of the African Diaspora (FADA) and is actively involved with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference Board.  Her research focus is on students’ conceptual understanding of algebraic concepts, equity in mathematics, and the role of preservice and in-service teachers’ divergent thinking in geometry. She has presented papers, talks, and workshops across the United States and abroad in countries such as South Africa, Spain, Canada, and Mexico.

– Rusandica Manole  –

Rusandica Manole is a Tenured Associate Professor of Mathematics at Perimeter College at Georgia State University. She received her MA in Mathematics from Eastern Michigan University and MS and BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Galati in Romania.  

Rusandica has been teaching mathematics courses using different platforms since 1998. Prior to teaching, she worked in industry as a Manufacturing Engineer and Project Engineer. 

In addition to teaching, Rusandica has had the privilege of serving as the Assistant Department Chair for Mathematics on the Dunwoody campus for the last 11 years. 

She is member of the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC), Georgia Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (GMATYC), and American Statistical Association (ASA).