Fall message from the President

Greetings Colleagues! Fall is here and with fall, we start to think about change, such as the leaves changing colors.   As your current President of GMATYC and I am excited to see what changes are on the horizon for our organization.  I would love to see us expand in terms of membership and engagement, to become more visible in the Southeast Region. GMATYC is a great organization of mathematics educators from two-year, four-year, public, and private institutions across the state.  There are many opportunities to become active with GMATYC:

  • Volunteer to be the newsletter editor, serve on a committee, or run for an elected position
  • Recruit a full-time or adjunct faculty member to join GMATYC and/or consider the benefits of a lifetime membership.  Membership information can be found at www.gmatyc.org
  • Exchange innovative and effective mathematics classroom ideas with contemporaries around the state.
  • Collaborate with other GMATYC members on mathematics lessons, grants, articles, etc.
  • Share news of awards, promotions, and other achievements with members.  Please send member updates to me at npatterson@gsu.edu for possible inclusion in future newsletters.

In addition to the work of GMATYC, we support the national organization AMATYC.  The 47th Annual AMATYC Conference, “Fired up for Math”, will be held October 28-31, 2021, in Phoenix, Arixona.  I am sure this theme will lead to some stimulating sessions, especially when it comes to getting our students fired up about mathematics.   Many of our GMATYC members will be attending and even presenting at this conference.  Be sure to connect with each other to make travel plans, room together, etc.  Conferences are wonderful to experience with a colleague.  If you are a member of AMATYC,  you might also consider being an affiliate delegate.  Let me know if you are interested!!


I look forward to working with all of you in the days to come.  Have a successful rest of your semester!

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