GMATYC updates

Thank you for your valuable input about the two proposals I shared with you in my email of February 19. Let’s stay proactive so that we can take GMATYC to another level!   

Below are the modified proposals approved by the GMATYC executive board:

  1. Request the PC Conference Committee to schedule the GMATYC meeting right after lunch.
  2. Raise individual membership to $15.
  3. Offer free membership to adjuncts for the first year. For adjuncts to become GMATYC member, they must fill out the application and email it to the treasurer.
  4. Instead of 1-year student membership in GMATYC, we have 1-year adjunct faculty membership in GMATYC ($5).

In addition, our Mathematics division at Perimeter College has covered registration for adjunct instructors for the PC conference. This year I only saw one adjunct from online. Maybe we need to publicize it more, and get our adjuncts involved with the work of the conference and ask them to submit a proposal to present. We have wonderful adjuncts who work very hard and use innovative teaching tools in their classrooms.

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