Current Projects

PrintPROJECT ARRIVE- MENTORING FOR SUCCESS: Large-scale study of a school-based mentoring program for 9th grade students identified as being at high risk for truancy and dropout.

BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS OF AMERICA (BGCA): An evaluation of factors that contribute to positive youth outcomes and to successful implementation of BGCA programs and activities.LINKING COMMUNITY AND FAMILY CHARACTERISTICS TO ADOLESCENT ADJUSTMENT: A research project designed to study the connections between immigrant community/family characteristics and Latino youth behavioral & psychological outcomes


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GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: A partnership with the Georgia Department of Education to conduct a statewide evaluation of 21st Century Community Learning Centers



HUMAN RIGHTS IN ARGENTINA:  Dr. Kuperminc directs a study abroad program to Cordoba and Buenos Aires, Argentina each summer. Students spend and exciting 2 1/2 weeks learning about Argentina’s transition from dictatorship to democracy after undergoing the most traumatic period in its history: the military dictatorship in which 30,000 people were abducted, tortured, and killed in secret detention places. Dr. Kuperminc and a few graduate students are studying this program’s effect on participants’ sociopolitical development and global awareness.


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