GEA Meeting Minutes–January 24th 2018

Graduate English Association Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 24th 2018

Officers Present: Jen Carter, Brittny Byrom, Ben Leake, Carlye Schock


Budget: Will be discussed at a later date when Stephanie is present. Questions remain: what is the budget and its constraints? What are repeat items in terms of allocation?


Upcoming Events: Brainstormed ideas for both social and academic events. Outlined events the GEA currently supports, such as Ex Post Facto, A Priori, and National Day on Writing.

New ideas included a trivia night, graduate writing support groups, a potential stronger connection to New Voices, a young faculty roundtable, partnering with Sigma Tau Delta to provide undergraduate major mentoring/support, CV/graduate school application workshops for the department.

Ben agreed to conduct a poll to find out which events would generate the most interest among GEA members.


General Business: Ben agreed to make posters advertising the GEA Facebook group in order to attract new members. All members agreed to continue researching departments/groups to partner with for programming and new initiatives.

Brittny will follow-up with both Shari and Dr. McHaney in regards to the Provost Visiting Fellow request.

Jen suggested a Slack group to facilitate brainstorming and conversation between members of the GEA executive board.


Proposed date of next meeting: Wednesday, February 21st at 2:00 PM

PDF of Minutes: geameetingminutes-213vypo