English Songs

Each unit has one or two songs. We have recorded an example of each song.

Unit 1 Going to Miss Giggles

Unit 1 Higgledee Wiggledee Bumblebee

Unit 2 ABC Song

Unit 3 Animals that Live on a Farm

Unit 4 Old Macdonald had a Farm

Unit 5 I Want to Eat Ice Cream

Unit 6 Bumble Bee

Unit 6 Peter has a Toy Boat

Unit 7 Kate Does Not Like Bees

Unit 7 This is the Way We Mow the Grass

Unit 8 Miss Giggle’s Clock

Unit 9 I’m a Little Teapot

Unit 10 Little Airplane

Unit 10 Pup Where’s your Bone?

Unit 11 A Popcorn Song

Unit 12 Chocolate Pudding Pie

Unit 13 Apple Way Up High

Unit 14 I See

Unit 14 Wheels on the Bus

Unit 15 Pete’s Drum 

Unit 15 This is the Way We Wash Our Socks

Unit 16 ABC Song

Unit 17 The Racecar

Unit 18 A Ghost

Unit 19 The Doctor Says

Unit 20 Let’s Groom Coco

Unit 21 Make a Cake

Unit 22 Coco Wants a Swim

Unit 23 Coco Plays Hard

Unit 24 Icky Bags

The songs are also available through the Miss Giggle’s Songs playlist on YouTube