Teacher Training and Instructional Support Media

We have developed a variety of videos to support teachers implementing Foundations for Literacy. The videos are available through the links provided below.

How to Assemble a Foundation for Literacy Kit provides step-by-step instructions on how to organize your material purchased through Ameripress.

Teacher Training Videos are 21 short videos that describe the core components of Foundations for Literacy. These can be used to refresh the knowledge teachers have gained during their training or to get a glimpse of what teachers do in Foundations.

Foundations for Literacy uses stories and songs to teach alphabetic knowledge, narrative, and vocabulary.  The print version of these stories and songs are provided in the instructional materials. Below are additional instructional resources:

English Songs. Each unit has songs that reinforce the week’s vocabulary. These videos provide a model for singing these songs.

ASL Songs. The unit songs are performed by Deaf performers. ASL Translation provided by Candace Jones, Domonique Brown, and Gil Sheats.

Miss Giggle Stories

Each unit has one or two stories related to Miss Giggle, an afterschool teacher. Illustrated stories are provided with the instructional materials. ASL Translation is provided by Candace Jones, a Deaf performer. We provide two versions.

The first version animates the stories and is captioned.

Miss Giggle Stories in ASL with animation and captions Units 1 to 15

Miss Giggle Stories in ASL with animation and captions Units 16-28

The second version shows the illustrated English story next to the ASL translation.

Miss Giggle Story Books Read in ASL Units 1 – 21

Miss Giggle Story Books Read in ASL Units 22-28

These resources are also available on the Foundations for Literacy youtube channel.