The Great Divide: Annotated Bibliography 10.

“GREEDY RICH IS THE POOREST OF THE POOR.” Worldsupporter. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Mar. 2016.

This blog post written by Cecile Cremer discusses the campaign started to help erase the socioeconomic gap that exists in Mexico. Cremer focuses on the images taken by Oscar Ruiz (featured image) that quite literally show a line between the rich and the poor. She also talks about how the general public is not aware of these slums that many people live in because of the image the media portrays. Instead of seeing the dirty, sewage infested slums, people see the attractive clean hotel resorts that are scattered all over Mexico. She ends her post with a call to action for people to step up and help this campaign erase the poverty that exists in Mexico.

Originally I was going to use the image as my source to write the Annotated Bibliography. However, when I clicked the image it led me to the blog post and effectively piped my curiosity as I wanted to see what this person had to say. Unfortunately, the blog post seems to be roughly put together, lacks proper citation and overall does not provide much in the way of detail about the topic. As a result this source can not be taken in a serious note as it lacks credibility. However, the image does remind of me the divide that exists here in Atlanta. The only difference is that in Atlanta, highways are the dividing line, not fences.  

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  5. The minimum monthly wage in Mexico is 91 USD. Mexico has a government debt of 17.5% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as assessed in 2012. With regard to consumer prices, the inflation rate in Mexico is 4%. The currency of Mexico is Mexican peso. The plural form of the word Mexican peso is pesos. The symbol used for this currency is Mex$, and it is abbreviated as MXN. The Mexican peso is divided into centavo; there are 100 in one peso. Each year, consumers spend around $869,476 million. The ratio of consumer spending to GDP in Mexico is 0.07%, and the ratio of consumer spending to the world consumer market is 202%. The corporate tax in Mexico is set at 30%. Personal income tax ranges from 1.92% to 35%, depending on your specific situation and income level. VAT in Mexico is 16%. In 2013, Mexico received 417.8 million USD in foreign aid.In 2014, the foreign aid amounted to 971.3 USD.

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