February 8th Class Notes

February 8th Class Notes


The notes I have taken are what I heard and how I interpreted it. These notes do not cover 100% of everything that was said in class and not word for word. Some things on here have the possibility to be wrong. I am only human.

NOTE: Clicking words that are highlighted like this (Google) will open a new tab and take you to a website with a description/helpful explanation or save you time from searching things like Zotero and etc.

Today in class we discussed:

  • Types of research
  • Built Environment Project
  • Zotero

Built Environment Project

Things you want to observe:

  • Style = What the space is like(specific details).

    Ex: Modern –> full of computers/apple logo/modular

    Aural = Sounds you hear.

    Ex: Kids playing in a park, sounds of the swings.

    Structure = How things are designed/built

    Ex: Buildings–> pillars etc

    Tone = The effect of the space on you. How it makes you feel. What the author uses.

    Ex: Space makes you feel cold or its inviting.

    Visual = The things you see.

    Ex: Traffic, buses etc.

    Organization = How things are laid out.

    Ex: Where sidewalks/trails go, how buildings are spread out, bus stops.

    Mood = What the audience feels/reacts/thinks. Oral = The way people speak.

    Ex: Accents during an interview.

    Graphics = Signs

    Ex: The style of the sign, color, definition/how detailed the sign is.

    Diction = Signs/punctuation.

    Ex:  Keep out sign vsWelcome sign

    Repetition = Styles or patterns that repeat.

    Ex: All the buildings in a shopping plaza are designed similar.

    Colors = The colors present.

    Ex: Red, Green, Black etc.

Types of research

Primary research: Examples: Built environment descriptions, interviews, using archives, transcripts.

Secondary research: Examples: Annotated bibliographies,

When conducting interviews:

Remember, they are people. Do not badger/force people to talk to you. Respect them. Ask for permission to interview/record/taking pictures and have them sign a release form.


  1. Install Firefox.
  2. Install Zotero for Firefox.
  3. Whenever you open Firefox, the Zotero toolbar will be in the top right corner.  Click the “Z” to open Zotero in Firefox.Screenshot
  4. Go to Zotero website and create an account.
  5. Watch Zotero starting guide.

Zotero is optional. However, if you use zotero, you can get extra points.


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