A3C 2018

A3C is a creative conference and music festival held in Atlanta every year. The event is focused on showcasing and educating musical artists at different stages in their careers. Throughout the five-day festival panels, independent artist showcases, artist workshops etc. take place throughout the day all over the city. The musical talents featured headlining acts like Lil Wayne but also took care to give the stage to local artists. It was not just an opportunity for artists but truly anyone involved in music from vendors, to producers and technicians to merchandisers.


A unique feature of this festival is the workshops held to educate artists on the legal and business side of the entertainment industry. While these panels tend to have low turnout, this years festival saw record-breaking attendance. Today more than ever, creatives struggle to find their channel and brand to make them stand out from the crowd.


Another insightful panel was focused on brand partnership for artists. Its focus was educating people on the benefits of partnering with companies and others to build themselves. This event featured Michael Howard who is the NBA 2K soundtrack curator. His speech was so powerful because in a world where the new generation is doing everything themselves, it is nice for them to know it is ok to have a team. There is strength in numbers.



Although the headliner was unable to perform due to a security risk, many enjoyed the raw talent they found on Atlanta’s Edgewood Ave. The intimate performances and incredible energy reminded music lovers throughout the city what a beautiful experience it is to watch raw talent not yet discovered and because of it, they work as though they have something to prove.


Outreach to schools like Ludacris alma mater Banneker Tri-Cities and Mays High Schools was another effort pushed by the conference. Georgia is ranked the second lowest when it comes to funding for the arts, but we are an “entertainment mecca”. Educating the young and the powers that be, as was done this weekend, could change all of that. The future is bright, and A3C is an effort that could make it even brighter. 

For more information about A3C and their efforts, visit A3Cfestival.com

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