Academic Profile: Jada Dunn

Jada Dunn is a smart and ambitious 22-year-old sophomore currently attending Georgia State University. When describing herself academically, Jada is persistent, ambitious, and sometimes anxious. Jada is a native of the peach state, born at Dekalb Medical Center in Decatur, Georgia. She attended Dunwoody Elementary, Tucker Middle, and Riverwood International Charter School for K-12.

While growing up, Jada was raised in a tight-knit Christian family. She attended Wieuca Road Baptist Church frequently, even becoming a mentor to young children. Outside of the church, Jada spent her days curiously observing the world around her. This curiosity would later inspire Jada to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Initially, choosing a career path wasn’t easy for Jada. She revealed to me, “I honestly did not know what I would even go to college for. I decided to give myself a year after high school to see if I felt the same way. Within that year, I became fascinated with psychology and decided I wanted to be a psychologist.” Jada’s role of mentoring children as a youth further amplified her career goals. She plans on working specifically with children as a pediatric psychologist.

When interviewing Jada, I asked, “Why pediatric psychology and why GSU?” Her response was clear, “I chose my career path because I feel like psychology is something I would strive in. I feel as though I have a gift with people, and this is the right direction for me. I’ve worked with children at Wieuca Baptist Church since I was fourteen. I feel this experience has connected me with children more than adults. I feel it’s very important to teach kids how to deal with their trauma and psychological issues. Among many reasons, I chose GSU because my mother graduated from here. It only made sense for me to attend Georgia State as well.”

With dreams of attending Howard for grad school, Jada is more focused than ever on becoming the best person she can be. Whenever possible, she surrounds herself with inspiring and diligent women. When asked who her biggest influence is, Jada proudly mentioned her aunt, and best friend Tiffany. “My biggest influence is my aunt, as well as Tiffanny because they are both hard-working and driven,” Jada states. “Tiffany is in grad school at Howard University and my aunt is a very successful business-woman. They both are also my mentors.”

For Jada, becoming a pediatric psychologist is her dream career. She is full of compassion and empathy for others. She looks forward to improving the lives of young children and adolescents with psychology in the near future. As summed up in her own words, “I’m excited to be able to have the education and ability to get people through situations that might be holding them back from being a better them.”

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