What are some of the main problems that students have for housing in this pandemic?

Daniel Gonzalez


Professor weaver

29 April 2021

Major project 4


Education is one of the main aspects of every young adult in the process of growing in to a adult, but one of the main of the problems that are “common” in young adults is that the change from going from young adult to a adult it has some step that the colleges or university helps to overcome in the economic level and in the skill level, however in this pandemic this types of help are no longer given or they now have some type of restrictions that are affecting the students in various ways, and the of the the biggest problem now is the housing system is changing in colleges because of the pandemic.


When you hear about the pandemic and the effect that is having in colleges and university you think about what the students are learning or that if they even learning something or that if this affects their communication and teamwork skill that you learn in college, but no many people know that this pandemic is affecting more the life of the students other then just learning. one of the problem is that many students are being asked to leave campus, move out of their dorms and to go back home to finish their studies, in the article “Pivot to Online: A Student Guide”  by Sean Michael Morris show a survey that says “according to the Hope Center’s National #RealCollege Survey, out of 86,000 students surveyed, 56% were housing insecure in the previous year, and 17% were homeless”(Morris 1). And this is just one of the problems for housing students.  another problem that is relate to the housing problem is in the LGBTQ students, in Morris article it show  “A similar survey by the Wisconsin Hope Lab in 2015 found that LGBTQ students who responded to the survey “faced higher risks of basic need insecurity compared to heterosexual students,” some of which may be linked to lower levels of family support.” (Morris 1). This shows that even if you have a home to come back to that doesn’t mean that you will get the support of that household.

One of the other problems of housing in colleges in pandemic is how housing insecurity is affecting the academic level. College itself can be stressful and students are trying to navigate the many academic, social, financial, and psychological stressors that come with adjusting to the academic life. Housing insecurity is a stress that can have an extraordinary impact in their college goal and life. In the blog “COVID-19 Worsens Housing Insecurity for College Students” by Ciera Graham show that “According to a 2019 report from The Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice, nearly 3 in 5 students experienced housing insecurity the previous year, and almost half of students at two-year institutions experienced food insecurity in the past 30 days. Moreover, 18% of two-year college students and 14% of four-year students reported experiencing homelessness.”(Graham 1). On the other hand at the start of the pandemic all colleges and universities start to close temporarily the services that college gives you like residence hall, dining halls, and student employingment. This affects students that depend on these services for survival. Without these services many students are jobless and with something to eat. In the article “For many college students, pandemic life is disappointing. For others, it is a financial crisis.” by Stephanie Saul it says that “Students at 130 two-year colleges and 72 four-year colleges responded to the survey. Among its findings: One in three students reported that they lost jobs because of the pandemic. A large number of students — over two in five at two-year colleges and near a third at four-year colleges — worried about food running out before they had money to buy more.” (Saul 1).with this showing that every service that college is giving thanks to the pandemic some student is suffering because they now have some financial support to pay for food or housing.

One of the last problems of housing in pandemic is that even if students can by homeless for one day or less is till unacceptable and can have very dangerous situation and not just because of the pandemic in the article “Ensuring Homeless Students Are Seen During a Pandemic” by Sarah D. Sparks is saying that in Washington state where the first cases of coronavirus cases were detected in the country last January school and emergency shelters shut down at the same time. And that “The simultaneous closing of two safe havens for homeless students and their families portended a looming disaster for those already struggling with housing insecurity.” (Sparks 1). And even as in the article of Sarah sparks, the coordinator of the homeless Kids in Transition program for the 20,000-student Everett school district say “The temperatures at night were freezing—17 or 18 degrees [Fahrenheit]—and I was getting called about families who were sleeping in their car because the hotel wouldn’t rent to them because they were coughing” (Sparks 1). This can be a traumatic memory to the college students and cna affect their mental and physical health because of the necessity of housing. So, what can be done? There are probably some temporary solutions that can help students with the housing problems but in the long term probably the best option is to wait for the situation to get better and try to get yourself out of the citation with the help of other services.

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