Pranav Chandiramani: Academic Profile

During this assignment, I had the opportunity to interview and connect with my classmate Pranav Chandiramani. While interviewing him, I learned many things about his academic self and personal life; it was fascinating to know him. 

Pranav Chandiramani was born in India, and he is 18 years old; he graduated from a school in India. Still, he believes that the education system in India required many things to be memorized. After graduating, he decided he would like to go to college and get a Computer Science degree. Pranav is a first-generation student who is currently enrolled in history, calculus, computer, and English. Computer Science is an outstanding major for Pranav since his favorite subjects are math and computers; it will help him understand more and challenge himself in the future. 

The words Pranav used to describe his academic self are practical, hardworking, and adaptable. He is proud of how much effort he puts in to get through challenging content, and he feels college can be a place where the amount of content has little explanation, which pushes him to work harder. When I asked him how different was his high school academic self from right now, he answered, “In high school, things were given to us straightforward, but in college, it’s a little difficult figuring out stuff(Chandiramani).” I believe his transition from high school to college was challenging, but he had used the necessary tools that help him go through it. 

Pranav’s strategies are impressive; he explained how the time management video from week 2 helped him complete assignments in time. He is taking four classes right now, which can be very stressful. Pranav always tries to plan his week ahead; he tries to complete one subject a day and keep a buffer day where he can complete the undone work. Although Pranav uses specific strategies to succeed in college, he believes he is a procrastinator, and overcoming this would improve his academic self. 

Besides school, Pranav loves to indulge in sports and stuff. Like playing soccer, basketball, cricket, and badminton. I really like to see how well-balanced his life is, and even though he hasn’t decided yet upon his career goal, he puts so much effort into the things he cares about. I believe he has the right mindset for college, and it will help him accomplish many things in life. To conclude, getting to know Pranav had changed the way my academic self does something, and it was interesting to know my classmate’s background and ideas.


Pranav Chandiramani Academic self interview 2021


5 thoughts on “Pranav Chandiramani: Academic Profile

  1. Hi! This was a really interesting to learn about Pranav; he clearly has a very fascinating life. The difference between American and Indian education is very interesting. Pranav has a really good strategy to give himself a buffer day- I am going to try to implement that! Thank you for writing such an interesting blog about Pranav, and giving us the opportunity to get to know him!

  2. Pranav seems like a very hardworking student who’s adapted to college very quickly! I love that you included the difference between his high school academic self and his college academic self, and I agree with Pranav that sometimes in college, you have to figure things out on your own which can be different from high school.

  3. I think you wrote a good academic profile about Pranav! I had never thought about the difference between Indian and American school systems so that was interesting. I also like to participate in sports!

  4. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your academic profile on Pranav! I’d have to agree how the difference between American and Indian school systems are interesting because I would’ve also never thought that. I like how you got to learn some of his personal life as well instead of just his academic self, it really shows that you took the time to get to know him.

  5. I definitely liked how you included some of his hobbies in there as well. I think often times as students we feel inspired to be better after we learn about how other students take on a much heavier workload than us and yet manage to keep their work-life balance.