Graciela Rivas: Academic Profile

When you hear the word motivation you hear the journey of an individual that has devotion, passion, and persistence to go through challenges and still make out on top. The concept of motivations is much deeper than thoughts or emotions. The definition of motivation has many contexts from experience, support from family and friends, and are willing to achieve. Developing these motivations will take knowledge of our strengths and weakness by taking a situation and finding hope. There are not many times where an individual can be open to sharing their stories. It has been a pleasure to communicate, through text, with Graciela Rivas, a devoted student that has shared his ups and downs.
Graduating, in 2016, from Berkmar High School is a curious and devoted Graciela Rivas who felt lost but eager first-generation student to attend Georgia State Perimeter. In her first year of college, she faced hurdles of feelings of confusion, pressure, and loneliness. Within that year of attending college, Graciela had to take three months to recollect herself. On break, she got to connect with her grandfather under El Salvador stars. This memory of the night skies and loving grandfather has been her motivation ever since.
Though things started changing for the better when she met a professor that saw her dedication and introduce her to Culture Anthropology that fitted her liking and surely her personality. Especially from our communication, she expressed, “I’m fascinated by the people aspect of it and the backgrounds of where we all come from.” As of the three months break, Graciela got to understand more about Cultural Anthropology, that there’s a lesson to be learned from the people around you.
Graciela has been welcomed back to Georgia State to achieve her goal of pursuing a career in Cultural Anthropology by transferring to the Downtown campus. An extra achievement she wishes to travel abroad with this degree along with a double major in sociology. Graciela has chosen a reading that best connects to her was “Taking my parents to College.” In which overcome the feelings of loneliness and realized that she doesn’t have to do this alone. She has support and motivation from her family.
The concept of motivation is different for everyone. We come from different backgrounds with different stories to tell. Though we never talk about the difficulties we face. Graciela shares her story that her motivation started with confusion and loneliness. All those mixed feelings changed once she saw the support she has from her family, especially her grandfather. Though these stories stick with us, with Graciela Rivas. We come out better than we started.

2 thoughts on “Graciela Rivas: Academic Profile

  1. I’m glad Graciela found comfort and motivation in his grandfather. I agree with the fact that sometimes great stories start out with difficulties as well!

  2. The idea of motivation being more than just the superficialness of emotions. It’s a moving force that can captivate your endeavors, it’s really a source. Graciela connecting with her grandfather under El Salvador star, the beauty of that sentence, and the emotion of that connection. Connecting with our ancestors and elders is so pivotal. Graciela’s experience of loneliness that was so relatable, school in the time can be really isolating. And educators being a guiding light and helping the curiosity and fascination we have, that’s powerful Graciela could find someone who saw her interest, and gave her solutions. Graciela’s story is admirable and relatable.