Esohe Uhuangho: Academic Profile

Esohe Uhuangho is a 17 year old who is a senior at Alpharetta High School. She is taking this class as a dual enrollment student at GSU. The three words that describe her academic self are fast-learner, confident, and resourceful. 

From a young age, Esohe became fascinated with space. She loved dreaming about the world where stars and galaxies lived. This was the beginning of her curiosity. Wanting to learn more about space, she became resourceful with her supplies at home and created her own mini telescope to look through. As a student at Suwanee Elementary, Esohe’s curiosity began to grow outside of just space. In school, she became interested in math. As doing math formulas and step-by-step problems, she finds it fun as doing a puzzle. Being a fast-learner who is confident in her skills, she enjoyed her time in school. Additionally, she had a safe space at school with her childhood friends whom she knew she could always count on. However, like most people, Esohe was pushed out of her comfort zone when she moved to New Prospect Elementary School in fifth grade. Here she had to establish new friends in a new city. At first it was difficult since it took her some time to get used to her new surroundings, but eventually, using her confidence and resourcefulness, she found her new core group of friends.

At Webridge Middle School, Esohe set her own expectations in life such as to always keep As and stay active in her extracurriculars. This ideology was reinforced by her parents and friends, leading her to have a positive support network throughout her academic life. At Alpharetta High School, Esohe began to focus more on her social network. She became more outgoing and made new friends while staying in touch with her old ones. This social aspect led her to engaging in many after-school clubs such as BETA Club and Women in STEM. Inspired by the book The Hate U Give, Esohe even started a new club at school: Black Student Union. As the Vice President and a social activist, Esohe encouraged discussions in this club about current events in pop culture and modern day racism experienced in school. Throughout middle and high school, Esohe continued to reiterate her academic self words: fast-learner, confident, and resourceful. 

Since she was young, the biggest influence on her life has been her parents. Her parents instilled in her that education was important and pushed her to always try her best. Both her parents graduated college in Nigeria, therefore Esohe is new to the college application process in America. Similar to the main character’s dilemma in “Taking My Parents to College”, Esohe, who is a senior applying to college, found the process a little overwhelming. While her parents supported her endeavors and helped her strive for the best, they couldn’t help her with the process. Fortunately with the help of her friends, Esohe was able to successfully apply to her dream schools, including the University of Georgia.

Esohe is a hard-working individual who has undertaken many fun and inspirational projects throughout her life. As we talked throughout this interview, I saw her easy going nature and how dedicated she was to her future aspirations, whether that be a lab technician or PA. In the future, I hope to stay connected with her and see her journey progress.



Taking My Parents to College by Jennine Capó Crucet

2 thoughts on “Esohe Uhuangho: Academic Profile

  1. This post looks like Esohe’s journey throughout her academic life, really nice job! It is quite a thrill to read and see how determined and resourceful throughout the years. I really like seeing people so motivated and dedicated to their futures.

    My situation is a bit similar to Esohe’s. As an international student, I had no idea how the application process went. It was pretty stressful. However, now I’m getting the hang on American education, and I hope to remain as determined as Esohe!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this academic self essay on Esohe. I learned of her imagination and curiosity through her interest in space and the unknown. I believe I am very similar as I am fascinated with the water and the mysteries of the deep sea.

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