Emma-Leigh Barfield: Academic Profile

This essay describes the academic journey of Emma Leigh-Barfield. Determinant, passionate, and self-aware are the three words to describe Emma’s academic and personal self. After receiving her first camera at just 8 years old Emma discovered a passion for photography and cinematography that lead her to pursue a film degree at Georgia State University. As a 2nd year student, Emma has used the unfortunate circumstance of having to attend school virtually to her favor by pursuing all her various interests. While taking school, Emma juggles school and working at her church, as a wedding cinematographer, and at her family restaurant. By taking only three classes, Emma is able to indulge in various activities ranging from writing short stories to crocheting.

After Emma graduated from high school in May of 2019, she decided to take a break year. During this year she rediscovered her motivation and passion for learning and art. Emma underwent a major transformation from high school to college in both personal and academic aspects where she developed effective work ethics integral to her college successes and experienced a personal self-growth. Emma stressed the importance of organization and its value to her success by claiming that without her break year to learn these strategies she would have surely struggled her first year. Emma’s strategies for organization are linked to the GSU information videos discussing organization strategies that can help for online classes. The videos emphasized the importance of being cognizant of deadlines and additional information from professors similar to what Emma believed was important.

Outside of her academic pursuits, Emma loves art and journalism. She also loves to hike, go kayaking, and travel (before the pandemic of course!). Her favorite places to travels were Amsterdam, Paris, and London where she was enticed by the beauty and culture of the city.

Despite not having the traditional college experience, Emma has created her own unique experience undertaking her several interests in art and photography. Despite the obstacles in meeting people and indulge in a community to grow her experiences, Emma has found her college experience greatly enjoyable as she is left with time to engage in her various passions and determine her future career path.

Emma’s future holds several possibilities from moving to Atlanta and obtain a 4-year degree, getting an internship or job in the film industry, or becoming a photography director. No matter the path Emma’s unique experiences and versatile interests are no doubt going to allow her to exceed all her expectations.


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3 thoughts on “Emma-Leigh Barfield: Academic Profile

  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog about Emma! It was very nicely written and definitely can tell both of you kept great communication through this project. I also feel that I could relate a lot to our interests and passions. I too enjoy traveling and can not wait to travel more after the pandemic is over. Nonetheless, I wish Emma the best of luck in her artistic journey.

  2. I loved the way you wrote Emma, it seems like you guys connected well. Just from your writing it is well thought out and very articulate. You captured my interest by telling me Emma’s interest. I also relate to Emma and her love for the arts, very well done !

  3. I love how well written this blog about Emma is! I can tell from reading it that y’all had great communication and in depth conversations. I relate to enjoy travel. That is the one thing that I really have missed since this pandemic hit. It is so fun to go explore new places. From reading this I can tell that Emma is very passionate about her interests and will definitely pursue anything she puts her mind to!