Emily Bergeon’s Academic Profile

This piece was managed through text messages about Emily Bergeon’s academic self. Though out the whole process of asking questions and getting to know each other, she shared her plans, interests, and opinions. Emily is 18 years old, currently a senior dual enrollment student at GSU. She has been in Georgia throughout her whole life and attended Findley Oaks Elementary, Taylor Road Middle School, and is currently in Chattahoochee High School. She is working fully online with 3 classes in high school and the rest in college. Her plan is not 100% assured at this moment, but when she graduates this semester of 2021, she has two options between two colleges. One is the University of Georgia, her dream school, and the second is Mercer University. If the plan is towards Mercer University, as I was told she will perhaps transfer after a year or so to UGA. Once she gets started in college to complete a bachelor’s degree, her intention is to have a major in psychology or something related to medical and a minor in business.  After undergrad, she is looking forward to entering nursing school and received her master’s. Fun fact about Emily, her favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy.

Organization, procrastinator, and passion are 3 powerful academic words that Emily sees in herself. She is exceptional at keeping things in order and not losing things. As she replies, “even though procrastinating is not necessarily healthy” but everything she does, it works for her. She is not the only one and it is common that most students are procrastinators. Everything she does in life; she goes after it. She is so passionate that she cares for it and would never give up until she achieves it. In fact, her mom is her biggest influence. She is proud to share why, “My mom has shown me to never give up and always chase after my dream. She has made me know what it means to be a strong independent person and how I don’t need to depend on someone else.”

As Emily is succeeding her goals, I asked her, “Which do you prefer, in-person or online or both?” After our discussion, the decision was made to like online better than in-person. Being online lets her be more productive. She feels energetic when she can wake up and go to the gym. Instead of coming home after in-person school and felt like it was a waste of time where online is more flexible that she has more time to complete assignments.  She has the ability to multiple task at home and is thankful to make her own schedule. She is looking forward and ready to hop on being in-person for college next year because she feels like it would be a different experience as a full-time college student. As soon to be a full-time college student, she finds Taking My Parents to College by Jennine Capó Crucet very fascinating. Her thoughts, “I have never really thought about it because for as long as I remember, my family has always been to college. I never thought about being the first generation or know much about it because it is such a norm in my family.”

Emily will be the next family in her tree generation to go to college. She is more than just being an organization, procrastinator, and passion; she is a hard worker and independent woman. She is balancing her life by studying in high school and college classes while working nonstop at Chick-fil-a as a manager. Imagine her stress she must have gone through, but she believes in herself. She is ready to take the next level to college and see her steps. Congratulations to Emily soon to be a graduated 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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