Academic Self – Thomas Munoz Vasquez

Thomas and I have known each other for a short period of time and have had interesting conversations through chat which has helped us to get to know more about each other. We felt that conversing over text was best suitable for both of us. Thomas told me that the readings and videos from week 2 helped him as they gave some strategies and ideas about studying. Thomas identifies himself as a male and goes by he/him. He is 19 years old and his nationality is Colombian. The three academic self words that Thomas goes by are organized, hardworking, and motivated. A proud moment for Thomas is that he can overcome any class by putting enough effort into learning the material given and he likes to stay motivated as he thinks about the achievements he will get by passing the class and getting the work done. My partner mentions that during high school his academic self was not disciplined at all, and often found it difficult to get himself to make his assignments, moreover, he feels that as he transitioned into college he has become more disciplined but often faces problems time to time due to procrastination.


My partner Thomas was born in Colombia and moved to the United States when he was 15 years old and due to this transition, he found high school to be challenging. He completed his k-12 in Dunwoody high school and decided to pursue a college degree directly after high school as he would like to be the first person in his family to finish college. Thomas chose Georgia State University as he believes that it is a good college and has the necessary resources to successfully complete the degree. He is doing his second semester at GSU and is enrolled in the Computer Science Major. He is taking three classes this semester which are precalculus, American government, and English.


Thomas believes that improving his attention span would help him to develop his academic self. He organizes his assignments and classes every week and tries to complete all assignments during his day off from work. When Thomas and I discussed about our IP-2 assignment, he told me that he gave the idea to make a video about the software GSU provides because it would be easier for freshman students to adapt to the learning pattern. Besides college, Thomas loves to do skateboarding and makes sure he does it every day, he also works part time as a cashier. He would prefer to take classes face to face after the pandemic is over. This conversation with Thomas has helped me to expand my information on how everyone has their own academic self.

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