I had the pleasure of being paired up with John Dinh, and upon making initial contact I was able to determine a friendship will be established after this class assignment is completed. From our first few exchanges, I was able to tell he is an immensely helpful, considerate, and all-around generous individual. We had some hiccups trying to get our scheduling down and I could not have been more relieved with the way he wanted to go over and beyond to make sure we were able to get this interview completed. The questions that I compiled together came from trying to figure out what will help me learn about John as a student and an individual.

John went to Hapeville Elementary from kindergarten to fifth grade. During the grades of 6th through 8th, he attended Paul D. West Middle went on to attend West Lake High School where he graduated from. After high school, he went to Oxford College of Emory University for 2 years obtaining his Associates of Arts. He decided that he needed to take a mental break from learning to do some soul searching to figure out what he wanted to major in and what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He is currently at Georgia State University pursuing a degree in business administration he wants to transfer to Georgia State University Business School where he will be obtaining a dual major in CIS (Computer Information Systems) and Managerial Services. John wants to start a career as an HRIS (Human Resource Information System) analyst, or any kind of work dealing with information systems.

Some of John’s biggest influencers and motivators of his academic self are his siblings and someone that he worked alongside. John refers to himself as a more indecisive person and expressed that he struggled for years when it came to deciding what would be beneficial for him. He uses his brothers for daily motivation, their eagerness, and quickness when it comes to figuring out what it was that they wanted to do career-wise, supplying him with the push he needed to finish his journey into choosing his career. A human resource manager and mentor of his, while he was working at Delta, inspired him to strive for a career in human resources.

During this current climate that we are living in with having to do online learning compared to face-to-face learning, John expressed that networking has been very baffling and frustrating. Due to the pandemic, he is not able to take part in any of the activities that are hosted by Georgia State University which makes it harder for him to reach out and build relationships and network to get guidance from peers on his career path and options.

In the conclusion of the interview with John, it is ok to take a step back if you are not confident with what it is that you want to do career-wise or even what you want to obtain while you are in school. Some people can maneuver through life with everything figured out but sometimes you must take a break, rely on some of your mentors and influencers when you are “going with the flow” without any direction on which way you should be going. I can say that I related to john throughout this interview, and I know it is more of us out there “just going with the flow” but we will get it done. Don’t be afraid to reach on and introduce yourself to John he has been a very informative and enjoyable person during this project.

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