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What do you want to be when you grow up? Everyone has been asked that question as a child. The journey to becoming what you dream of, comes with different seasons, challenges, and levels of academic progression. Academic performance is related to how well you do in school. However, I believe a person’s academic self is defined differently depending on their upbringing. The person I interviewed is an example of how different upbringings reflect your academic self. We conducted our interview through emails, where we shared educational value, and hobbies, and career goals.  

Emma Cohen is a current student at Lakeside High School. Her favorite subject is English Literature. Her academic self-shows that she is structured, lively, and determined. Influenced by her grandmother who was a Missionary worker. It has always been of value for Emma to help those in need. As a child her parents always laid a firm and strict foundation about her academic performance. Although her parents are divorced now, they both still implement the importance of education. Looking for a new challenge, Emma chose to compete with self. She signed up for the Dual Enrollment program, and this is her second semester at Georgia State University. She told me “I take Dual Enrollment to challenge myself, and I love the independence it gives”.

Emma has been a gymnast since childhood. Having a strict coach and strict parents has increased her structural skills. She is very competitive and disciplined. Emma’s biggest struggle is Mathematics, and her fear is taking standardized test. Since Math is a struggle for Emma, she creates study projects to increase her memorization. A study schedule, with color coded tabs, helps her study for tests three days in advance. It also allows her to participate in extra tutoring, and personal activities. Addicted to be becoming a master of all trades, she and her sister competes with GPS average and who brings home the most A’s.  

In conclusion, at this moment in Emma stated her academic journey she has no frustrations. Ms. Cohen is enjoying the liberation of College life. Her major is Political Science, and she plans to become a (defense) lawyer. She has not decided if she wants to practice corporate, or entertainment law. Her academic self has been molded by a foundation of structure, determination, and discipline. Emma’s determination to organize and pursue such crafts, at a young age is inspiring! She shared different ways I can study and utilize my time more effectively.

One thought on “Academic Profile Emma Cohen

  1. Hi, this is Dominique, right?
    I love how you started this blog post. I agree that upbringings can reflect your academic self. I had to go through a lot of ups and downs which heavily impacted my academics. Thank you for introducing Emma to us!

    And hi Emma! That’s so cool that you’re a dual enrollment student! I honestly wish I could’ve applied for the program when I was in high school but I had no idea it was a thing. I also struggle with memorization but out of all the subjects, Math is the easiest for me so it’s so weird but cool how we have the same yet different problem. I’m slowly getting around to improving and I’m sure you’ll eventually find a strategy that works best for you. Good luck with high school and I hope you have a great college experience!

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